New “healthy” lifestyle for me….but where’s my support?

I’m really pissy today! Problay for many many reasons. However my biggest pissy issue is over the fact that I am choosing to get healthy and be healthy. No one in my life seems to be supportive of that and keeps the B.S talk rolling.

Maybe they are jealous I have the motivation to do so!

Maybe they really don’t think I can do it!

Maybe they honestly don’t give a shit!

At the end of the day, how I feel about it is all that really matters! I choose this for me and for my family whether they like it or not. I am not asking them to do it to. Told them I will still cook normal for them!

No joke, I have never wanted to kick my Husband so hard or “bitch slap” him as much as I have wanted to today. He instantly started being a shit about all this cleanse stuff I am doing this week and also is just a dick about it. Like all I did was make my soup and he freaks out and says he is over all of this. WHY? He can’t tell me why.

I want to stop smoking and I am hoping this will help me with that. I am upset that I do not get to drink my Starbucks everyday anymore. I am upset I can’t have candy or a soda.

But dam it can I get a little “you go girl, you can do it” around here.


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