New “healthy” lifestyle for me….but where’s my support?

I’m really pissy today! Problay for many many reasons. However my biggest pissy issue is over the fact that I am choosing to get healthy and be healthy. No one in my life seems to be supportive of that and keeps the B.S talk rolling.

Maybe they are jealous I have the motivation to do so!

Maybe they really don’t think I can do it!

Maybe they honestly don’t give a shit!

At the end of the day, how I feel about it is all that really matters! I choose this for me and for my family whether they like it or not. I am not asking them to do it to. Told them I will still cook normal for them!

No joke, I have never wanted to kick my Husband so hard or “bitch slap” him as much as I have wanted to today. He instantly started being a shit about all this cleanse stuff I am doing this week and also is just a dick about it. Like all I did was make my soup and he freaks out and says he is over all of this. WHY? He can’t tell me why.

I want to stop smoking and I am hoping this will help me with that. I am upset that I do not get to drink my Starbucks everyday anymore. I am upset I can’t have candy or a soda.

But dam it can I get a little “you go girl, you can do it” around here.


IS my SAHM gene missing something…. NOPE it’s just fine!

My SAHM gene is missing.. say it isn’t so!

For me being a SAHM isn’t about keeping up with all the household chores of a “MOM”. It isn’t about how messy or clean my house is or needs to be. I simply do not care what it “should” be like I only care what I choose to do with it.

I find staying home with my LO who has just turned one is a blessing. I have three older children that being homes helps with as well. However, it seems like there is a stereotype of how a SAHM should be or shouldn’t be. As my husband says, ” I do 100% financial, you are required to do 100% home and kids… UMMM.. NO! I will do no such thing.

I will do the dishes when I want to! Not all the time!

I will do laundry when I want to not when everyone else wants me to!

I will vacuum when I find the need to!

Oh I’m sorry you want your shirt sewn… I will do that when I feel like it not when it is demanded on me.

See I am not a person who takes orders. I am a SAHM who does what she wants when she wants, always making sure that everyone is taken care of but not on their demand on mine. SAHM are in a stereotype that we have to be superwoman. We are but all in our own ways.

I will not compare myself to others, just like I hope they don’t compare themselves to me.

My house is a mess, who cares. It is just how I do it. I choose to play with my daughter all day. Be lazy with her and well just not give a shit about anything. I look around and clean up everyday all day.. WHY? For what reason? It’s just messy again 5 min after I clean it so why clean all day long?

My kids have chores, do they care to do them unless told…? HELL NO!

My husband works all day and as I type this has been passed out on the couch for about an hour now. He doesn’t help with the kids or the house… Why doesn’t he have to? Oh ya, his GOD COMPLEX has the best of him. I am grateful for all he does but damn it I need a day off too! Or a shower with out asking are you almost done. Or if I go to the store I don’t want to be texted 20 min later to tell me to hurry up cause the baby won’t stop crying.

Bottom line is, SAHM are all different. We cook,we clean,we entertain we really do it all. I just choose to do it when I want.. (mind you I do stuff all day long) I don’t care if others don’t like my way of doing things!

I do get jealous sometimes of other SAHM who seem to have it all figured out when I am sitting over here like should I be doing that, like that… ECT!

Nope my SAHM Gene is just fine!

Somethings really bother me

There are so many things that bother me about the way things are in this world today. One thing that is really just making my blood boil is all the cruel things being done to newborns, toddlers and all children around this country these days. I can rant and rave for a while on this so i will try to not just go on and on.

I have four children who I love with every inch of my being.  I take pride in them and who they are choosing to be and how they present themselves to society. I am a very proud parent to some amazing kids. I don’t think ever in my life after having them in my life would I wish them harm, do harm to them or do anything that would cause them not to be in my life daily.,

Everyday that I look at social media or turn on the news I hear yet another story about how another child has been killed, left or given up on. The thing that bothers me the most is the people behind this. THE PARENTS, BOYFRIENDS, GIRLFRIENDS are the ones harming these poor babies. It makes me what to make sure that those SOB’s Suffer the same way these innocent children suffered from the only people who are supposed to love with unconditionally.

What causes a person to actually come to the conclusion that harming a child that they created is even a possibility?

When a child cries, do you honestly think biting that child’s nose off is going to make them stop crying?

Is leaving a child in an apartment hallway because you’re to drugged up to care for it a good idea? How about you get clean and look at the baby and see its pure joy instead of acting selfish to your own addiction and actions.

When I tell my S.O this stuff I may have watched on TV or have read on social media he also freaks out and actually tells me to shut up. He wishes he could have all the authority to do as he wishes with people who harm children. I would join that army in a second if it were possible to do without getting yourself in trouble.

I know that nothing I say will change the actions of people who choose to harm children, but at the end of the day give those children a chance to live life and experience it. How about those parents end their own lives instead of their children’s lives because when you think about it they are not the ones who caused you the stress of life. Only we as the parents are the ones responsible for every aspect of having and raising a child. We may the choice to have sex, made the choice to carry a child and as parents we are the ones who are to teach them everything to release them one day to live the rest of their lives.